Mother arrested after leaving her three-year-old son in the car while gambling in a Marbella casino

National Police station in Marbella.
National Police station in Marbella. / SUR
  • The woman claimed she had gone in because she felt unwell, but the police found that she and her partner were carrying gambling chips worth 5,000 euros

A woman has been arrested in Marbella after allegedly leaving her three-year-old son alone in the car while she was playing the tables in a Marbella casino with her partner. The man was also arrested on the same child neglect charges.

The National Police said the events took place in the early afternoon of last Saturday when they were alerted by a member of the public that there was a child left alone inside a parked car near the Casino Marbella.

It was 3pm on a sunny afternoon, with a temperature of about 19 degrees.

Officers found a Mercedes car with a German number plate and inside there was a child in his car seat.

The police observed that the child was half asleep, the windows were up and there were no adults around. The doors of the vehicle were apparently unlocked.

After the officers verified that the boy was fine they tried to locate his family by the vehicle's number plate, but efforts to find it in the police database were unsuccessful.

After a while, a couple came out of the casino and, seeing the patrol, ran to the vehicle.

Officials identified both and verified that the woman was the boy's mother. She is in her 30s and German, like her partner.

According to sources, the woman told the officers that she had felt ill and had gone to the casino's toilets. However, the police officers found that between them they were carrying gambling chips to the value of 5,000 euros.

Given this evidence, and the time the pair had been absent (about 40 minutes), the police went to the casino to interview employees in order to check their story.

Apparently, after talking to several staff, they discovered that the couple had been playing at roulette and blackjack tables.

The couple were arrested for the alleged crime of temporary abandonment of a minor. However, the woman was released to take care of her son - although officers warned her that she should appear in court when summoned. It is claimed that the couple were spending a few days on holiday in Marbella and had no close relatives who could take care of the child.