Fake gas man arrested for beating up an 80-year-old man and stealing a gold chain

Police take the man into custody.
Police take the man into custody. / CNP
  • Police have also arrested a former neighbour of the victim for providing sensitive information to the alleged thief

A 33-year-old man, who posed as a gas technician to try to gain entry to a property, has been arrested by police after he allegedly beat up an elderly man before robbing him in Malaga.

The 80-year-old victim was left lying on the ground with three broken ribs and two detached teeth and had to be transferred to hospital for treatment.

Police have said that the elderly man answered his doorbell and saw a supposed gas technician outside. He politely told him that he had not contracted any service and he wouldn’t let him in.

After a while the 80-year-old went out, but the man who had rung the bell was still on his landing and allegedly set upon him, beating him up to steal a gold chain, other jewellery and a briefcase.

The incident happened at the end of November and the National Police issued a statement on Tuesday announcing the arrest of the suspect.

He is a 33-year-old man of Spanish nationality with a history of crimes against property and people.

During the police investigation the officers found a former neighbour of the victim who apparently provided information about his situation and his movements and passed them to the alleged robber. This 49-year-old man, of Spanish nationality, and with a criminal record has also been arrested.

The National Police said that the items taken from the elderly man had been sold in gold buy and sell shops in Malaga city for around 600 euros.