Leaders of the 'most active' marijuana trafficking gang in Europe arrested on the Costa del Sol

One of the police raids on the huge drug-trafficking network.

One of the police raids on the huge drug-trafficking network. / GUARDIA CIVIL

  • The network, which even used a bus to transport drugs, has been smashed in an operation that has resulted in more than a hundred arrests

From luxurious homes on a residential development in Estepona the leaders pulled the strings of what is considered by investigators to be "the most active organisation in Europe dedicated to marijuana trafficking".

However, the entire infrastructure and hierarchy of the gang has been smashed after police raids which resulted in more than a hundred arrests across the network.

During the police operation officers arrested 110 people and carried out 78 searches. Among the items seized was a tonne and a half of vacuum-packed marijuana buds, more than 20,000 plants, 91 kilos of hashish and another 43 of cocaine.

The economic structure of the organisation has also been hit, with more than half a million euros in cash recovered and assets of the gang valued at five million euros located. Eight firearms, eight lorries, a bus and 26 vehicles have also been seized, reported the Guardia Civil.

The investigation, jointly carried out by the Spanish and Polish police and coordinated by Eurojust and Europol, began in September 2019.

It was then that the Spanish officers learned that a drug trafficking organisation had settled in Malaga province and was dedicated to transporting large quantities of marijuana and hashish to Poland from various parts of Andalucía. It is claimed that the gang also operated in areas of Cadiz and Valencia.

The Guardia Civil located the leaders of the gang who resided on a luxury residential estate in Estepona. Officers discovered they relied on other networks, with which they had ties, in the province of Granada, which became the main supply point for marijuana.

Investigators found that in addition to the alleged main Polish drug traffickers’ leader there were others from Bulgaria, Morocco and Spain.

To transport marijuana and hashish, the drug traffickers used sophisticated double-bottomed secret compartments made in lorries, cars and even a bus.