A man dies in an accident with a customs patrol boat during a chase on the Costa del Sol

Aduanas customs patrol boat.
Aduanas customs patrol boat. / SUR
  • The remainder of the crew of the three-engine craft, of the type often linked to drug trafficking, suffered minor injuries

A man died early on Sunday afternoon in an accident involving a customs patrol boat and a semi-rigid craft with three outboard engines off the shores of Estepona.

According to SUR sources, the chase began in La Línea de la Concepción but came to an end on the Costa del Sol when the craft being pursued stopped abruptly and the customs patrol boat, the Águila IV, could not take action in time to avoid smashing into it.

Four people were in the illegal craft, of the type prohibited because of their link to drug trafficking, two from La Línea and two from Galicia. Three of them, with minor injuries, were rescued by personnel from the customs boat who also recovered the body of the man from La La Línea.

According to sources consulted the semi-rigid craft was carrying containers of fuel and the main theory of the authorities is that its function was to supply another boat.