New online map tool for the province launched by the Diputación authority

The launch of the new online tool.
The launch of the new online tool. / SUR
  • The Idemap website has been two years in the making, and although aimed at professionals has much to interest the public, officials say

The Diputación de Málaga, the local government authority for the whole province, has launched an interactive tool drawing together a variety of up-to-date maps of Malaga province.

Compiling all the information for the site, called Idemap, into one place and building the web has taken officials two years.

Users accessing the web ( can find topographical photos, relief maps and satellite images. There is also a lot of georeferenced data, such as local council facilities, municipal street plans, walking routes and cultural and natural points of interest.

President of the Diputación Francisco Salado explained at the virtual launch last week that the website can also be used on mobile phones and is built with open software, which has kept the costs down.

"It will be a very useful platform, not only for the day to day management in the town halls, the Diputación itself, other authorities and planning bodies, but also for the general public," he explained.

The environment tab will be expanded in time to include a lot more information on the local landscape.