Gang that trafficked arms between Spain and the UK brought down in joint operation


Authorities transfer the suspect arrested in Estepona. / CNP

  • The alleged leader of the criminal network was arrested in Estepona, while British authorities detained other alleged members in Manchester

He was a wanted man in the United Kingdom, but he lived on Spain's Costa del Sol evading justice. Until now.

During a joint operation last October the National Police arrested the alleged leader of a criminal network trafficking arms between Spain and England in Estepona.

At the same time British authorities arrested other members of the gang in Manchester, as the culmination of the joint 'Operation Ambulance' involving Spain's National Police and the National Crime Agency in the UK.

The alleged leader was arrested when he was leaving his home in Estepona, carrying 43,955 euros in cash in a backpack. In Manchester, three other members of the organisation were also arrested.

During the investigation officials managed to intercept two shipments of the alleged gang in Malaga, in which they seized two assault rifles, a submachine gun, a revolver, a pistol, more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition, a kilogram of cocaine and 180,000 pounds in cash.