Crowd attacks man in Malaga after he sprayed a woman with acid


National Police officers arrested the man involved in the alleged attack before also arresting the woman. / SUR

  • The woman's screams alerted the residents of the La Palmilla district and a large crowd gathered in a matter of minutes

National Police officers in Malaga have arrested a man who is accused of spraying a woman with a hydrochloric acid, known as aguafuerte in Spain and used for cleaning. And, in a bizarre twist, the woman was also arrested later.

The woman’s screams immediately alerted the residents of the La Palmilla neighborhood of Malaga city, where a large crowd gathered in a matter of minutes, attacking a man before the arrival of police on the scene on Wednesday night.

In a shocking video of the incident the mob rebukes the suspect, whom they accuse of being an abuser and kidnapper.

Surrounded by numerous people, the man was punched and kicked, as well as being hit with an umbrella and broom.

The attack took place in a doorway of a building, where the man was cornered and beaten until he was lying on the ground.

The National Police intervened and the officers arrested the 31-year-old accused of the acid attack on the woman.

Police also went to the place where the 55-year-old woman was. After identifying and interviewing her, the officers ruled out a case of domestic abuse, since they are not a couple.

However they took her into custody, since she had an arrest warrant against her name.