Private security guards arrested for armed robberies on Costa del Sol luxury homes

National Police headquarters. File photograph.
National Police headquarters. File photograph. / SUR
  • It is alleged the three robbers beat up a colleague and tied up a couple to rob villas in Estepona

National Police officers have arrested three men - all of them private security guards - who allegedly beat up a colleague and tied up a couple to rob luxury homes on a residential development in Estepona.

Police say that the robbers were hooded and armed when they launched their attack on the security gate house, assaulting the on-duty security guard and immobilising him with their own handcuffs.

The first property that the gang raided was uninhabited at the time, since its owners were travelling abroad. The thieves seized numerous jewels that were later valued by the owners at more than 70,000 euros.

The second home was occupied by a Belgian couple. According to investigators, they were tied up by the assailants who seized cash and their credit cards.

When police arrived on the scene they went through all the rooms of the second property one by one but could not find the couple. They had vanished.

After a few minutes later they found them. The couple were hiding on a roof. They had climbed there terrified by the assault and in fear that the criminals would return.

Although the events occurred last August, the investigation has only just concluded.