Curfew to remain between 10pm and 6am despite Andalucía's request to bring it forward

Salvador Illa.
Salvador Illa. / EFE
  • The regional government will not be able to order a total lockdown nor a change to the curfew after central government refused the petition at a meeting on Wednesday

The nighttime curfew in Andalucía will remain between 10pm and 6am after the central government refused the request of several autonomous regions, including Andalucía, to bring it forward to 8pm.

The request comes after a sharp rise in cases of Covid-19, much greater than in the previous two waves.

Faced with this, some regions, although not all, have requested greater tools from central government to control the spread of the virus than those afforded by the current state of alarm.

At present, the regional governments cannot order a complete lockdown nor extend the nighttime curfew - regardless of the progress of the virus.

During a meeting between the chiefs of the autonomous regions and Health minister Salvador Illa on Wednesday, Illa refused the request to change the curfew, explaining that the current state of alarm decreed on 25 October gave plenty of scope for the regions to tighten restrictions to control the virus.

"We have flattened the curve twice before," he said. "When we bring in restrictions on a Monday, we don't see results on the Tuesday; we see them in two Mondays' time."