Marbella students plea for new school from Three Kings in video message

  • The youngsters have distributed their message through social media networks saying they want to feel like "first-class citizens - not second"

Marbella students are asking the Three Kings for a very special gift this year - a new secondary school that they have been waiting more than ten years for to ease the current saturation of facilities.

Last week the Junta de Andalucía announced a further delay to the project for the construction of a long-awaited school for the Las Chapas area of the town saying it would likely begin in the third quarter of 2021.

But that means it would be not ready for use until the 2023-24 academic year even "everything goes to plan" according to the regional government.

But this isn’t good enough for parents association president, Silvia García, who says she does not trust the Junta’s education department given the historical background to the project.

“We must continue fighting for a decent future for our children.”

Therefore, the students have prepared a video message to the Three Kings calling for more action.

Parent Jorge Gil said, "We must make a noise in the media to hit politicians where it hurts the most.

“We have more demonstrations planned, including taking the protest to the education department in Malaga."