Apartment in Malaga transformed into 'illegal' bar to beat coronavirus measures

Images of the inside of the young woman’s apartment.
Images of the inside of the young woman’s apartment. / SUR
  • A young Italian woman was reported after Local Police made the discovery following tip-offs

Police in Malaga have found an apartment that had been transformed into a kind of cocktail bar where alcoholic drinks were being served between 6 and 8pm to circumvent the measures imposed by the Junta de Andalucía to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The discovery was made on 26 December at around 6.30pm when the police’s 092 telephone number received several calls in which it was reported that a party was being held with numerous people in an apartment located in the Plaza del Teatro.

Plainclothes officers were deployed and from outside watched several people calling at the apartment. Once inside the building they came across others who were drinking on the stairs and not wearing masks.

Sources say that at the door of apartment the owner, not knowing who they were, invited the officers in and told them to close the door so that the police would not detect the party.

The policemen showed their identification to the young woman, a 28-year-old Italian, who said that her roommates were not there and that she had invited several people to drink at her house.

However, the people in the flat did not support her story and said they didn’t know the young woman and admitted that the drinks had been bought inside the apartment.

In the flat police found display cabinets full of bottles of alcohol. They also discovered a table that was used as a bar, where drinks were served and where there was a collection area.

Officers have reported the woman for not complying with the pandemic restrictions and also for not having a hospitality operating license and being a clandestine business.

Police have also reported the 26 people who were at the premises for failing to comply with the coronavirus prevention measures.