Suspect wanted for fatal stabbing in Estepona arrested in UK

The murder suspect’s vehicle – a white Mercedes with British registration plates.
The murder suspect’s vehicle – a white Mercedes with British registration plates. / NCP
  • Police in the north of England arrested the driver allegedly involved in the November knife attack

International cooperation between Spanish and British authorities has led to the arrest of a man in Leeds who was wanted in connection with a fatal stabbing on the Costa del Sol.

The suspect had fled to the UK after 19-year-old victim, Ulrich, was stabbed through the heart by a car driver after a traffic incident.

The wanted individual, a 21-year-old Briton, was arrested in Leeds by British police on Tuesday afternoon.

The events that led to his arrest took place on 18 November in the vicinity of the Diana shopping centre in Estepona. At around 2.30pm, a traffic incident took place between the victim and his alleged assailant as reported by the National Police.

The investigation determined that Ulrich, who lived in an apartment in the Las Acacias complex with his parents and two brothers, was out walking.

When he was going to cross a pedestrian crossing, he was almost run over by the white Mercedes that the suspect was driving. The latter had to brake sharply.

Apparently, the driver left the scene in his car at first, before returning a few minutes later.

The National Police said that the man got out of the vehicle and stabbed the victim, without saying a word, in the heart, which caused his almost immediate death.

Mercedes car with British plates

After the driver fled the scene, the only lead police had was the suspect’s white Mercedes with a British number plate, which was found when a transport company was preparing to move it from Spain to England.

Police then put a name to the alleged killer. In addition, they found that he had managed to leave the country and take refuge in England.

The courts in Estepona issued an international arrest warrant and the British authorities have confirmed that the suspect was arrested on Tuesday afternoon, when he was travelling on the A58, near Leeds in Yorkshire.

The man was immediately taken into police custody, pending extradition back to Spain.

The National Police force has highlighted the importance of international cooperation in this operation. In the investigation, they had the help of British police authorities stationed on the Costa del Sol.