Police close bar breaking 6pm rule with shutters down and a party inside

The inside of the establishment.
The inside of the establishment. / SUR
  • 62 people who were drinking inside the establishment without face masks - and some of whom were smoking – have been reported

From the outside everything appeared normal. The shutters of the bar were down as dictated by the Junta de Andalucía’s coronavirus control measures that bars must close from 6pm to 8pm – but on closer inspection police discovered a party inside and alcohol being served.

The Local Police in Malaga have now reported the owner of the establishment and 62 clients after their investigations last Sunday at the Shisha Lounge, in the Nueva Málaga district.

Plainclothes officers acted after they received reports that, when the owner closed the shutters, some customers stayed inside having drinks.

They saw two young men arrive and stand at the door. Apparently one of them exchanged several messages with someone inside.

Then the metal shutter was opened by approximately one metre. When the two clients entered the premises, one of the policemen took advantage of the opportunity to rush inside. The other officer tried, but could not get in because of how quickly the door was closed.

As soon as he entered the premises, the officer took out his police badge and asked the person who was operating the metal shutter - a 29-year-old man - to open it again so that his partner could enter. However, instead, he ran to alert the manager.

At the officer’s insistence the employees agreed to open the metal door, at which point the second officer was allowed in.

The pair were able to identify all the people who were inside the establishment and, in total, 62 clients were reported, including one under 16 years of age.

According to sources when the first officer entered the premises, none of the clients were using a face mask or kept the minimum mandatory safety distance in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

All the customers were consuming alcoholic beverages. Some of them were smoking.

Apart from not having the correct licences to allow them open between 6 and 8pm, the Local Police officers also verified that the establishment was a little less than 100 square metres and that its normal capacity was fifty people, so with the pandemic measures it should be reduced by half to just 25.

The owner of the business has been reported for violating smoking regulations and could not prove that the establishment had compulsory insurance for the premises.