Police raid frees young woman dancer forced into prostitution in Puerto Banús club


'Operation Maori' police raid. / NATIONAL POLICE

  • The victim, who moved to the Costa del Sol after accepting a job as a striptease dancer, was subjected to constant control by pimps

A young New Zealand woman who took a job as a striptease dancer on the Costa del Sol was sexually exploited before eventually being released in a police raid – dubbed 'Operation Maori'.

The investigation began on 10 November, after an anonymous email was received at the email address where cases of sexual exploitation can be reported confidentially.

The message informed the authorities that the 26-year-old New Zealand girl was being forced into prostitution in a club in Puerto Banús.

An investigation was immediately launched, which bore fruit only hours after the complaint was received.

Police quickly discovered her location and found the victim on a terrace near the club during a raid.

The victim told the National Police about the ordeal after she arrived at Malaga airport on 31 October from Marseille (France) and stopping in Madrid.

She explained that she had contacted an agency through which she got a job offer as a dancer in a Marbella club, so she decided to travel to the coast.

At the airport, the young woman got into a vehicle and from there she was taken to a flat in Estepona. Fom that moment on her freedom of movement was restricted and the victim spent the night under the constant surveillance of a trafficker.

Although she initially began working at the club as a dancer, they soon began to sexually exploit her.

The alleged leaders of the plot, a man and his partner, forced her to prostitute herself in the establishment said the National Police.

The alleged traffickers, a man and his wife, aged 41 and 35, respectively, were located and arrested.

During the operation police seized documentation relating to the illegal activity, computer material, telephones and a compressed air gun.