Seventy per cent of foreign investors are still committed to Malaga

Malaga's port area.
Malaga's port area. / Ñito Salas
  • An annual survey says seven in ten foreign firms operating in Malaga city don't expect to alter their local presence despite the pandemic

Seventy per cent of foreign companies operating in the city of Malaga expect to maintain their levels of investment in the area and exports, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition half said they will maintain the same number of staff.

These are the key findings of the latest annual local investment report, Barómetro del Clima de Negocio: la inversión extranjera en Málaga, (Business Climate Barometer: foreign investment in Malaga), compiled by the city council and the city's Ciedes Foundation

The report's authors carried out 500 interviews with local and international firms, as well as with local consulates.

According to head of the Ciedes Foundation, María del Carmen García, what stands out above all is that, "Malaga is still attracting interest from foreign investors and is the fastest-growing city in terms of its exports, despite the [difficult] circumstances."

Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, added, "Malaga still has enormous potential."

Nine in ten surveyed said that they expect their attraction to the quality of life in the area not to change.