Andalucía clears up confusion over new Covid-19 rules for Christmas

This second phase of the easing of restrictions is scheduled to last until  10 January.
This second phase of the easing of restrictions is scheduled to last until 10 January. / SUR
  • The regional government has published its official bulletin for phase two of the Covid-19 easing of restrictions - set to remain in place until 10 January unless the evolution of the virus changes

The Junta de Andalucía regional government has published its official bulletin detailing the new measures that will come into effect for the Christmas and New Year holiday period from 18 December to 10 January.

The new rules will allow travel between provinces within the autonomous community but journeys in and out of the region remain banned – except for "justified reasons" which include "caring for a dependant person, health appointments and professional, business or legal obligations." It is recommended to carry documents verifying the reason for the journey to produce to the authorities if stopped.

The evening curfew will be relaxed by two hours a day and will now be in effect from 11pm though until 6am.

Clearing up some confusion the regional government say that under the new easing of restrictions coffee shops that have licences for that specific business activity will be able to open all day, with the only condition that between 6pm and 8pm they will not be able to dispense alcoholic drinks. The Ministry of Health has made it very clear that during this time slot the “serving and consumption of any type of alcoholic beverage is strictly prohibited”.

Ice cream parlours and chocolate shops may also remain open without interruption until 10.30pm.

The rest of the hospitality establishments will continue to adhere to the guidelines set last week by the Junta, so in this second phase they will continue to close at 6pm, although with the possibility of opening again between 8pm and 10.30pm.

Home delivery services may be provided until 11.30pm although the deadline for placing orders is set at 10.30pm.

For now, the Junta does not contemplate going back and increasing the restrictions again, but it also makes clear that it will depend on the evolution of the virus.

"We will not hesitate to make the appropriate decisions that contribute to reducing the incidence of the pandemic as much as possible", warned the Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, who again asked the public for their "prudence, compliance with the rules and hygienic-sanitary measures at all times.”