Rincón de la Victoria council presents 45.8-million-euro budget for 2021

The council meeting held this week in Rincón de la Victoria.
The council meeting held this week in Rincón de la Victoria. / SUR
  • Approved by the three parties in the local government, it includes the creation of a 765,000-euro Covid-19 contingency fund

The Rincón de la Victoria town council has presented the municipal budget for the next year despite abstentions and votes against. Final approval of the budget is scheduled for January, once the 15-day public consultation period ends.

The mayor, Francisco Salado (PP) said the local government team was “happy with the enormous effort that has been made - despite the current economic crisis - with the preparation of budgets that are realistic and social, and which invest in public works”.

He said the proposals would “create jobs and give dynamism to municipal areas, take projects out onto the streets and meet the needs of the municipality and the demands of the public”.

Salado also said 765,000 euros would be allocated for a Covid-19 contingency fund that would “serve our neighbours and help people in these times of enormous difficulty in which we live."

In the new budget proposals various works and infrastructure projects will be developed including the construction of the new centre for the elderly in Rincón de la Victoria, works municipal auditorium, and a road resurfacing plan.

It will also allow free urban transport in the municipality for those over 65, those under 21 and students up to 25 years of age.