‘Nervous’ man detained in Malaga after he tried to catch a bus carrying a positive PCR test result

Malaga bus station.
Malaga bus station. / SUR
  • The man said he had come from Ibiza and intended to travel to Morocco

National Police officers patrolling Malaga’s bus station, who suspected a ‘nervous’ man could have been transporting drugs, were shocked to find he was carrying the positive results of a Covid-19 PCR test instead.

The officers spotted the man acting oddly while the coronavirus municipal mobility restrictions were in place.

The police verified that the 40-year-old man was a Spanish national of Moroccan origin. He was carrying suitcases. When asked where he was going, he told them he was heading to Morocco on holiday and intended to catch a bus to Algeciras.

Officers asked him if he had done a PCR test, since Morocco requires that everyone who wants to enter the country provides a health certificate with a negative result during the previous 72 hours.

The man took out an envelope containing a medical report from his jacket. Indeed, the day before he had a test done in Malaga but the result had been positive.

Instead of quarantining himself he decided to continue with his trip potentially putting the other bus passengers in danger.

The police told the man he would be reported for breaking coronavirus restrictions before taking him to the hotel where he had stayed and ordered him to self-isolate.

After confirming that he did not reside in Malaga the police tried to investigate his travel itinerary to track down people he had been in contact with.

The man said he had come from Ibiza and said at one point he had used the BlaBlaCar service to share a car but the officers could not trace his detailed movements.