Amber and yellow severe weather warnings activated for parts of southern Spain today

Strong winds, high tides and waves are being forecast by Spain's national Met Office.
Strong winds, high tides and waves are being forecast by Spain's national Met Office. / SUR
  • Weather alerts are in place for areas of Andalucía today with wind gusts of up to 90 km/h, high tides and waves and heavy rain also forecast

Spain’s national weather agency Aemet has issued amber and yellow weather alerts for wind gusts of up to 90 km/h and high tides and waves in parts of Andalucia today (Friday).

According to the 112 Andalucía emergency control centre the amber alert for the coastal hazards will be in force from 6am until midnight in the Levante, Poniente areas and Almeria city and along the coast of the Granada province.

An amber warning for high winds has also been activated in the Valle del Almanzora and Los Vélez areas of the Almeria province. That warning will run from 11am until midnight and wind gusts are expected to reach 90 kilometres an hour.

Aemet has also activated yellow alerts for high winds in the regions of Guadix and Baza and the Granada province coastline, throughout the province of Almería and in Cazorla and Segura (Jaén), areas where the wind is expected to reach 80 kilometres per hour. These notices will be in effect from 11am and will last throughout the day on Saturday 11 December.

In addition, there are also yellow warning for high tides and waves in the provinces of Almeria, Granada and Malaga.

And, finally, the weather agency has activated a yellow warning for heavy rain in the Jaén region of Cazorla and Segura from 9pm, with the probability that the rainfall accumulated in 12 hours will be up to 40 mm.

Safety recommendations

In the case of strong winds, it is recommended to close and secure doors and windows and remove furniture and objects such as awnings, clothes lines and pots from the outside of the house that may be blown into the street and cause an accident.

If outdoors do not take shelter from wind gusts near walls or trees. Care should also be taken near buildings under construction or in poor condition.

In maritime areas, keep away from beaches and low areas that may be affected by high tides and waves.

It is advisable to avoid road travel whenever possible, but if journeys are necessary, extreme caution must be taken.

In any emergency situation the 112 Andalucía number is free to call and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.