Restaurant facing 60,000-euro fine for hosting party with no safety measures in place

Police at the scene on 18 October.
Police at the scene on 18 October. / SUR
  • The owners of the Venta Trepaolla dispute that capacity restrictions were surpassed and argue that the events don't constitute a "very serious" offence

The owners of the Venta Trepaolla restaurant in the Montes de Málaga are facing a fine of in excess of 60,000 euros for hosting a party on 18 October, before the latest state of alarm was decreed.

Local Police were called to the scene and found that there were too many people inside, that safety precautions were not being taken and that the majority of people inside (including some staff) weren't wearing face masks.

The fine proposed, SUR has learned, is for a "very serious" infraction of new coronavirus regulations which carries a penalty of between 60,000 and 600,000 euros.

The restaurant's owners dispute this though and want it to be lowered to a "serious" offence (fines start at 6,000 euros). They say that the capacity of the restaurant is almost 500, so the 169 in attendance was nowhere near the 75 per cent permitted.

Police say, however, that no attempt to guarantee safety was made, with people not seated at tables and some dancing.