26-year-old pilot killed in Axarquía glider tragedy

Firefighters at the scene of the accident on Sunday.
Firefighters at the scene of the accident on Sunday. / SUR
  • The man's passenger, a German national, said he didn't know how to fly the plane during an emergency radio call

A 26-year-old man from Malaga was killed when the glider he was flying crashed onto the runway at the Axarquía airfield in Trapiche last Sunday.

A German man, also 26, who was also in the plane was taken to hospital with multiple fractures to both legs.

The accident happened after the pilot had radioed other pilots and members of the flying club to say that he felt dizzy. Despite trying to keep control of the plane, he was unable to land it safely and it crashed, nose first, onto the runway.

A police investigation is considering the hypothesis that the pilot began to feel faint shortly after takeoff. During the radio call the German passenger was asked if he knew how to fly the plane, but he said he didn't. Another plane tried to help the glider to the ground, but was unable to do so.

A witness said that although the plane was "flying smoothly, something wasn't right."