Andalucía tightens restrictions on celebrations, beach use and visits to care homes

Regional ministers Jesús Aguirre and Elías Bendodo.
Regional ministers Jesús Aguirre and Elías Bendodo. / SUR
  • All beaches in the region will be off limits between 9.30pm and 7am and celebrations must end at 1am

The Andalusian government has announced new measures aimed at slowing the Covid-19 infection rate in the region. The restrictions approved at a regional Cabinet meeting on Tuesday reduce numbers and times for weddings and other events, prohibit the use of beaches after 9.30pm and put stricter controls on visits to care homes.

Beaches off limits at night

The Junta's spokesperson Elías Bendodo has called for councils in coastal towns and villages to enforce a new regional ban on the use of beaches in the region between 9.30pm and 7am.

Exceptions to the rule will be made for anglers and others carrying out individual activity, as well as bars and restaurants located on the beaches.

Weddings and celebrations

The maximum number of guests permitted at weddings and other celebrations is to be reduced further from 300 to 150 for open air events and from 250 to 100 for indoor events.

Free bars will not be permitted, events must end at 1am and all guests must be seated at tables of no more than ten people. Eating and drinking will only be permitted at those tables.

Conferences and events

The regional government will allow conferences, business meetings, trade fairs and other events to go ahead, but at 75% of the venue's capacity, with distancing, masks and strict hand hygiene. As with weddings, these events must end at 1am with a maximum of ten people per table.

Events held indoors with more than 200 people, or outdoors with more than 300, will be subject to a risk assessment by the health authority before they can be authorised. This will apply to cinemas and theatres.

Care home visits

Visits to care homes for the elderly will no longer be allowed where there is one or more confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the residence or more than three suspected cases. This ban will remain in force until 28 days after the diagnosis of the most recent case.

Otherwise, relatives will be allowed to visit with restrictions and precautions in place, unless the cumulative 14-day incidence figure goes above 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Local incidence rates will also be taken into account.

Situation in Andalucía

The new measures have been taken after the latest assessment of the coronavirus situation in Andalucía by the regional government's committee of medical experts.

The aim is for "the pandemic to evolve more favourably in Andalucía than in the rest of Spain", as it has been doing so far, according to the regional authority.

Bendodo stressed that "the situation in Andalucía is still within margins of control", and although cases are increasing, the region is "well below the Spanish average".

In Andalucía 102 positive PCR tests per 100,000 inhabitants have been reported in the last 14 days, almost half the figure for Spain: 205. This is the second region with the lowest infection rate, after Asturias.