Around 211 hectares of damage caused by forest fires in the past week

Fire rages in Colmenar on Sunday morning.
Fire rages in Colmenar on Sunday morning. / Infoca
  • Quick action from firefighters prevented a further 539 hectares from being damaged in Ardales, Gaucín, Almogía, Colmenar and Alcaucín

Forest fires have hit Malaga province hard in recent days, with five major blazes taking place in the last week alone. However the good news is that the rapid interventions of Infoca Plan staff, along with other bodies such as the provincial consortium of firefighters, has meant that there has been no serious material or personal damage of any kind.

Nonetheless, in total, the fires in Ardales, Gaucín, Almogía, Colmenar and Alcaucín, razed an area of 211.3 hectares of forest land, scrubland, crops and brush, according to figures published on Tuesday on the Infoca Plan Twitter page.

The largest of the fires took place on Saturday in Almogía, requiring up to 16 aircraft, which had to fill up with water in Malaga Port's Muelle Uno. In total 114 hectares were burned.

In second place was the one in Colmenar in the early hours of Sunday morning, which forced fifty residents out of two housing developments in the municipality and in neighbouring Antequera. According to data provided by Infoca, 44.6 hectares were burned.

In third place was the fire in Alcaucín on Sunday which burned 42.2 hectares of brush and crops around the Moorish castle of Zalía, on the road to Zafarraya.

The fire in Gaucín razed just 10 hectares of forest, but at one stage as much as 175 were under threat. In Almogía, 215 hectares were threatened while in Colmenar, 189 hectares were saved thanks to the rapid action of the Infoca Plan. In Alcaucín 132 hectares were saved.

Finally, the Ardales fire only burned half a hectare, compared to the 40 which had been at risk.