"Straitened circumstances" force Lux Mundi to relocate to smaller premises

Centre in Calle Nueva to close.
Centre in Calle Nueva to close. / SUR
  • In order to reduce overheads, the new ecumenical centre will be located in Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Fuengirola

Lux Mundi has announced that, due to financial complications, the association is unable to continue to maintain its ecumenical centre in Fuengirola. The centre in Calle Nueva will cease to function from 1 September, when the charity will move to a smaller premises to enable it to continue to function with greatly reduced overheads.

Lux Mundi, which has been serving the local international community for almost 50 years, recently held a series of meetings with the patrons who oversee the administration of the centre; the Bishop of Malaga and the Jesuits. All have stressed the importance of keeping the ecumenical centre open, as well continuing the pastoral assistance it provides to the large community of foreigners, especially those in need.

Like many charities along the Costa del Sol, Lux Mundi's financial situation has worsened as all fundraising activities had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The organisation will now move its headquarters to the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Calle María Josefa Larrucea (Fuengirola).

Lux Mundi has stressed that the second-hand shop in Calle Nueva will still be open from Tuesday to Friday between 10 am and 1pm in order to provide income, although it is unable to accept donations.

Lux Mundi will continue to work closely with Cáritas Española - an organisation that carries out charitable and social activities in Catholic churches throughout Spain - in order to continue to offer help to those in need, especially the homeless. However, in order to reduce costs further, the centre will only operate during the mornings.

The charity has sent out a desperate appeal for volunteers and financial assistance to continue to offer a meeting point where unity is promoted by means of helping others.

President Gloria Uribe Cifuentes said, "Lux Mundi needs support now more than ever. We badly need money and manpower, and so we are sincerely appealing to the goodness of every one of our volunteers and friends to help us in our straitened circumstances. We are continuing to review the situation in the hope and expectation of finding a long-term solution to our financial problems."

Uribe expressed the charity's sincere appreciation for the support the expat community has provided since it was founded in 1973, saying, "Lux Mundi wants to inform every one of our current situation and to especially thank them for the support they have given to us, both financially and by participating in our activities. Without this help it would have been impossible for us to carry out our work in previous years.