Costa beach bar is shut down after DJ is caught spitting alcohol at revellers

A scene from the video.
A scene from the video. / SUR
  • The investigation has revealed that the bar did not have a licence for music events such as the act shown in the video footage

A beach bar aimed at Torremolinos partygoers has been told to shut down for two weeks amid a suspected breach of coronavirus health and safety rules.

The council order came after a video emerged via social media of a DJ gulping from a bottle of spirits before spewing the liquid out onto dancing revellers below. The incident allegedly took place on 7 July at the Kokun Ocean Club on Los Álamos beach, although it took a few weeks for the video to go public. It drew national media attention this week.

The owners of the bar announced they had stopped working with the event promoter for the time being. Despite Les Castizos, the event promoters and the DJ, apologising and taking responsibility for the incident, Torremolinos council acted quickly.

Mayor José Ortiz said the pictures were "regrettable". "This cannot happen again, as the council is working really hard coordinating with professionals from a tourism industry that is making a huge effort to keep hotels and premises open."

The town hall announced that the beach bar would be closed down for two weeks as a precautionary measure, amid the hope that the swift action would set an example to others as well.

The owners of the bar said on Thursday that all the staff and DJs had tested negative for Covid-19.

"Blatant" breach of Covid-19 regulations

As a result of the investigation launched by the regional authorities it has emerged that the bar did not have a licence for music events such as the one shown in the video.

The report filed by the investigating authorities concludes that the event "blatantly" breached Covid-19 measures imposed by the Junta de Andalucía.

The investigation confirmed that the footage shared on social media showed a performance by the DJ duo Les Castizos in which the participants and attendees did not observe the safe interpersonal distances established, nor did the public wear face masks, as stipulated by regulations in force.

The report will serve as a base for the initiation of disciplinary proceedings against those involved.