Andalucía gets tough with Covid-19 fines

People in masks in Seville.
People in masks in Seville. / EP
  • The regional government has decreed penalties of up to 600,000 euros for not following social-distancing rules

Fines for breaking Covid-19 social-distancing rules in Andalucía could be as high as 600,000 euros, the regional government announced this week in a new crackdown.

The more people affected by the offence, the bigger the fine. Penalty charges will start from 100 euros for not having a mask or not wearing it properly, rising to harsh measures for very serious offences, as well as temporarily shutting down premises or banning activity for up to five years where 100 or more people are put at risk.

Smaller offences, involving fewer people, will generally have fines from 100 to 3,000 euros, and there is a medium band from 3,001 to 60,000 euros.

Elías Bendodo, Junta spokesperson, said, "It's people's health and lives at stake, and also jobs, the employment outlook for thousands of people." The police and security services have been asked to cooperate in enforcement.

Not following a self-isolation order when you have been infected is classified as a serious (mid-level) offence, while not isolating if you have been in contact with an infected person is counted as a smaller offence.