Marbella Fútbol Club unveils plans for a new stadium for 18,000 spectators

Ángeles Muñoz, speaking at the presentation. josele
Ángeles Muñoz, speaking at the presentation. josele
  • The town hall supports the project, which includes a shopping area and hotel, and would be built on the site of the existing stadium

The company that manages Marbella Fútbol Club has recently presented a project for a new stadium on the site of the existing one. According to the plans, the present stadium, which has had structural defects for some time and had to close off two sections, would be demolished.

The project, which was presented last week in Puerto Banús by the CEO of Best of You, the management company, in an event attended by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, is for a stadium with capacity for 18,000 spectators within a complex which would include a shopping area and a hotel. There would also be 2,000 parking spaces.

Unlike the present stadium, the new one would not have an athletics track. It would, however, have a 4,600-square-metre VIP area and a 1,000-metre presidential stand.

Óscar Ribot, the CEO of Best of You, didn't provide any information about the cost of the project or how long it would take to complete.

The viability of this initiative is subject to technical reports from council experts regarding the plans presented by the company, but in principle they seem to comply with the current Urban Plan which is in force for Marbella as they would not involve a change in the use of the site or exceed the maximum amount of construction permitted. The shopping area included in the plans would also pose no problem in that respect.

The initiative is still in the early stages, which is why it has not yet been decided which steps will have to be taken for the council, which currently owns the land on which the present stadium stands, to cede it to the company which owns the football club. Sources at Marbella town hall have said this may be through open tender or by direct concession.

Whatever the case, the company will first have to provide a guarantee of financial solvency if the project is to go ahead.

The councillor for Sports, Manuel Cardeña, has also said it is essential for there to be political consensus about this initiative, because it is a project which goes beyond the merely sporting aspect and it ought to revitalise this area of the town, which includes the densely-populated Divina Pastora and Las Albarizas districts.

At the presentation, Ribot said the new infrastructure that is being proposed would be a "jewel which will become a symbol of the town".

He also pointed out that since the company took over the Fútbol Club in November 2018, its top priority had been for the town to have a new stadium, and that as it is close to Puerto Banús it will be a complex which the whole world will look at with admiration and an icon for Marbella. He requested that "the town hall and the political parties start the relevant procedures" to bring the project to fruition.

"Courageous project"

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, described this as a "courageous" project for Marbella, and she praised the serious manner in which the company has upheld its responsibilities since taking over at the football club.

She explained that this is an emblematic project which will require institutional support at all levels.

She also revealed that work has been ongoing for several months to move the project forward, but warned that a difficult path lies ahead "upon which we will encounter problems that we will have to resolve".