Keys to the lighthouse handed over to Marbella council

Muñoz opens the gates to the lighthouse complex on Wednesday.
Muñoz opens the gates to the lighthouse complex on Wednesday. / Josele
  • The lighthouse will continue to operate as such but the other spaces will be opened up for public use and to help achieve the town's environmental objectives

After years of requests from Marbella council, the president of the Port Authority, Carlos Rubio, handed over the keys of the town's lighthouse and its facilities to the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, during a ceremony on Wednesday.

The project to reclaim this space for the town involves opening it up to the seafront with the demolition of the perimeter wall that surrounds it "so that it can be a place of recreation open to everyone", Muñoz said.

The land, which has been leased for 35 years at a cost of 33,000 euros a year, has an area of 2,800 square metres in which the lighthouse itself is located, a building of about 85 square metres that housed the lighthouse keeper and another of about 300 square metres for administrative and technical use. All of this is surrounded by a large garden, right on the seafront in an unbeatable location.

The lighthouse will continue to be used as was intended but thanks to technology, its maintenance can be carried out remotely. The smaller building will be used as an educational space for exhibitions and events, while the larger building will become the headquarters of the Agenda 2030 project, part of the council's Environment department.

The town hall will invest around 900,000 euros to repurpose these facilities with funds from the Diputación provincial government. The project is being drafted, as well as the tender documents, and the mayor believes that it could be operational by next year.

Rubio explained that the transfer of the lighthouse to the town hall has two objectives: in addition to repurposing an old site, the buildings will be used "to achieve sustainable development objectives", to which the Port Authority is "absolutely committed", he said.

The mayor also highlighted the importance of the transfer and stressed that she was focused on "the recovery of facilities for the town". This week the council also announced that the central government had ceded the Comandancia de Marina marine command building which will be used to help achieve the town's environmental objectives related to the sea.