Briton who killed a man after landing on him was likely taking his own life

The Don Pepe hotel in Marbella.
The Don Pepe hotel in Marbella. / Josele-Lanza
  • A 46-year-old man was killed on the terrace of the Don Pepe hotel after a man fell on him from a seventh-floor balcony

Investigations are ongoing into a double tragedy which struck at the Don Pepe hotel in Marbella in the early hours of last Saturday morning (11 July) when two men died after one fell from the seventh-floor, landing on the other and killing them both.

Antonio Manuel G. G., who would have turned 47 in two weeks, was enjoying drinks with around a dozen friends when British tourist Anthony H., 49, fell on top of him from a balcony above.

Both died almost instantaneously because of the force of the impact.

The investigation, led by the National Police, has been primarily focused on determining whether Anthony H. jumped voluntarily or whether it was an accident. However, now the evidence clearly points to the first hypothesis with alcohol and pills found in his room and, most significantly, a chair placed by the balcony, as confirmed by sources close to the case.

According to those same sources, the British man had previously attempted suicide and had been undergoing psychiatric treatment.

The case is therefore currently being treated as a suicide, of Anthony H., with the added tragedy of the death of Antonio Manuel G. G., who was a well-known man in Marbella, where he had lived for more than 13 years.

Together with a partner he ran a franchise of the Brooklyn Fitboxing gyms in the Valdeolletas district.