Axarquía village launches bow-tie tourism campaign

The bow tie sign.
The bow tie sign. / SUR
  • Moclinejo is branding itself as an 'elegant village' in a bid to attract more visitors post-lockdown

A Cordoba-based company that makes bow ties from cork and wood has teamed up with Moclinejo town hall in an effort to help boost tourism in the village.

The company, Pajarita de Corcho (cork bow tie), has named one of its latest creations, a bow tie with a burgundy knot, after the village. The burgundy knot represents the importance of grapes and wine locally.

The company has put up a welcome sign and a number of posters around Moclinejo and the hamlet of El Valdés which belongs to the village.

The campaign's strap line is, 'Moclinejo, pueblo elegante' (Moclinejo, elegant town), and the logo shows the word Moclinejo with an image of a bow tie around the J. The bow tie has been famously worn by leading men including James Bond and Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.