Regional government opens up inquiry into La Viñuela tip

The tip near La Viñuela opened 11 years ago.
The tip near La Viñuela opened 11 years ago. / SUR
  • The owner said he didn't understand the need for an inspection but thought it might be because of waste that has built up during the lockdown

The Junta de Andalucía regional government has opened an inquiry into La Viñuela's tip after a complaint was made by a private individual.

A report written by officers following a visit to the site at the end of May says that the tip has no infrastructure to deal with spillages, no separation or identification systems of the different type of waste received by the plant and that the owner has no register of the different types of hazardous waste or used oil at the plant.

Owner José Luis Florido claims he registers the waste received at the plant by using dispatch notes.

The report also included photographs of the land around the 1,700-square-metre tip which is also being used to store rubbish.

The plant, which is located on the A-356 road, is supposed to specialise in the recycling of plastic and cardboard used in the agricultural industry.

Visual impact

Florido told SUR that his is the only company in the area authorised to receive waste and that as far as he is concerned the plant meets all regulations. "I don't understand the inspection now, after 11 years," he said, adding, "It could be due to the visual impact as there has been little activity due to Covid-19."

Mayor of La Viñuela, José Juan Jiménez, told SUR that the town hall was looking into the Junta's inquiry and checking to see if the company's licence has expired.