Three men arrested in connection with gun attack on British man

One of the men as he is arrested by police.
One of the men as he is arrested by police. / SUR
  • The victim was admitted to hospital in Marbella on 25 May with four gunshot wounds to the legs

Three men have been arrested in connection with the shooting of a 27-year-old British man on 25 May. The victim was admitted to the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella with four gunshot wounds to his legs.

While the injured man told officers that he had been attacked by a group of men of Moroccan appearance who stole his watch, police worked on the theory that this was a case of score-settling among drugs gangs- the first on the Costa del Sol since the start of the state of alarm.

The 'friend' who took him to the hospital, a 29-year-old Irish man, has been arrested along with two British men, 23 and 24. Police believe that all three, as well as the victim, belonged to the same drug trafficking organisation and that the attack was carried out as a "stern warning" not to act against the interests of the gang.

The man who took him to the hospital told police that he had found his friend on the street. He even led police to a location where he said the attack took place - all apparently with the aim of throwing detectives off the scent.

However, police have since been able to prove that the attack took place six kilometres away from that location and identified the vehicles involved, leading to the arrests.

According to the National Police, in the searches carried out as part of the operation officers located the firearm used - a semi-automatic pistol, ready for use. In addition, they found a silencer and 140 cartridges, as well as the sweatshirt used by the person who fired the shots, which contained traces of the victim's blood. The investigation is ongoing