Autopsy suggests death of British man in Estepona was drug-related

The estate where the events took place.
The estate where the events took place. / Charo Márquez
  • Witnesses say that a neighbour, arrested on suspicion of negligent manslaughter, was trying to calm the man down when he was trying to go into his home in El Paraíso on Monday night

A British man, 46, resident in Estepona has been released with charges following the death of his 36-year-old neighbour, also British, on Monday night.

Sources consulted by SUR said that a security camera filmed how the man died when his neighbour was apparently trying to stop him from entering his home in El Paraíso.

Footage showed the dead man, half dressed, dragging himself along the ground and wanting to go into his neighbour’s house, sources explained. It appears that the owner of the property pulled the man’s arm back, trying to move him away, when the younger man fell, hit his head and started to have convulsions, after which he died.

Sources added that the man had difficulty standing and that his neighbour did not apparently use much force.

After National Police officers arrived on the scene, they arrested the neighbour on suspicion of negligent manslaughter.

The autopsy carried out onWednesday at the Malaga Forensics Institute concluded that the cause of death was not the blow to the head as originally believed but was most likely drug-related. The body tested positive for different substances, although further toxicology tests are needed to confirm that these caused his death, which occurred just before 11pm.

Reports of the man’s behaviour earlier that day support the theory that drugs were behind his death.

Earlier on Monday evening the 36-year-old was apparently causing a disturbance in the neighbourhood. Sources said that he had been going in and out of his neighbour’s home, jumping over a fence.

At one point he apparently crossed the main dual carriageway and the Local Police were called to the scene to take him home after he was reported to be running around the streets in his underwear.

Neighbours said on Wednesday that they couldn’t understand what had happened. The events occurred on a small estate formed by just seven villas, where all the neighbours know each other. In fact the dead man had apparently installed the security camera that was later to record his death, and had been working on the arrested man’s internet connection.

One resident explained how, on the day in question, the dead man had been running around from one side of the street to the other “like crazy” in his underwear. He told SUR that the owner of the property was not arguing with him, but “on the contrary, was trying to calm him down”.