British man arrested in Estepona in connection with death of neighbour

El Paraíso, Estepona.
El Paraíso, Estepona. / CHARO MÁRQUEZ
  • The dead man, who was half-dressed, apparently hit his head when his neighbour tried to stop him from going into his home

A British man, 65, resident in Estepona has been arrested on suspicion of negligent manslaughter in connection with the death of his 36-year-old neighbour, also British.

Sources consulted by SUR have said that the property’s security cameras filmed how the man died when his neighbour was apparently trying to stop him from entering his home in El Paraíso.

The problems started on Monday evening when the 36-year-old man was apparently causing a disturbance in the neighbourhood. Sources said that he was going in and out of neighbours’ properties and jumping over fences. At one point the Local Police were called to the scene after he was reported running around the streets in his underwear.

The spot where the man died.

The spot where the man died. / C. M.

The emergency services received a call at 10.40pm on Monday, reporting that a man was injured in El Paraíso. When National Police officers and ambulance services arrived on the scene they could only confirm the death of the 36-year-old.

According to the same sources, footage recorded by the security camera at the arrested man’s home showed the dead man, half dressed, dragging himself along the ground and wanting to go into his neighbour’s house. It appears that the owner of the property pulled the man’s arm back, trying to move him away, when he hit his head and started to have convulsions, after which he died.

After initial inquiries, officers established that the dead man had been taking drugs. They arrested the owner of the property for alleged negligent manslaughter.

The body was taken to the Forensics Institute in Malaga where it was tested for Covid-19 on Tuesday prior to an autopsy due to take place on Wednesday.

According to sources, the two neighbours knew one another. In fact the dead man had installed the security camera that was later to record his death, and had been working on the arrested man’s internet connection.