Disposable face masks now on sale at fixed price of 96 cents

Staff at a Malaga pharmacy show their masks on sale.
Staff at a Malaga pharmacy show their masks on sale. / Ñito Salas
  • The measure, which applies to single-use surgical masks, was originally scheduled to come into effect next week

Just a little more than a week after Malaga province's stock of surgical masks was almost completely depleted, the panorama has changed completely. From Friday 24 April, not only will pharmacies have ample supply following a large delivery from Bidafarma, but customers will be charged no more than 96 cents per disposable surgical mask after the Ministry of Health announced a fixed maximum price on Tuesday to ensure “nonabusive economic conditions”.

These conditions were initially supposed to come into effect on Monday, but this was brought forward to Friday in an announcement made on Thursday.

Maximum pricing will also be applied to gels and hydroalcoholic solutions. Quantities up to 150 millilitres will be sold at no more than 0.021 euros per millilitre; quantities between 150 and 300 ml will be sold at 0.018 euros/ml; and between 300 ml and up to a litre at 0.015 euros/ml.

Maximum pricing for other types of face mask and antiseptic solutions is still being discussed.