Mayor of Malaga discharged from hospital after surgery

The mayor, outside the Chip hospital in Malaga on Tuesday.
The mayor, outside the Chip hospital in Malaga on Tuesday. / ÑITO SALAS
  • Francisco de la Torre, 77, will have to spend a month resting at home but remains at the helm of the city hall

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, left hospital on Tuesday morning after undergoing surgery to correct a small brain haemorrhage on Saturday.

Doctors said his good progress meant that he could be discharged, however he has been prescribed a month's rest at home.

The brain injury suffered by the 77-year-old mayor was minor, said medical sources. Surgery was carried out by the Hospital Regional's Neurosurgery service, which has been moved to the nearby Hospital Chip during the coronavirus crisis.

A "satisfactory" CAT scan on Sunday meant that the drainage tube could be removed that same day, said neurosurgeon Miguel Ángel Arraez.

Arriving at home on Tuesday, where he was met by his wife Rosa Francia, the mayor said he felt fine and thanked his well-wishers for their support.

De la Torre has said that he will remain at the helm of the city hall during his convalescence, although his place will be taken where necessary by his first deputy mayor, Susana Carillo.

"I'm going to have to tie him down; he needs to take it easy," joked his wife.