Extra hospital beds for Costa ready at Carranque in record time

Authorities visited the temporary hospital.
Authorities visited the temporary hospital. / SUR
  • The new centre with space for nearly 200 patients was opened in the city's sports hall

Almost 200 temporary hospital beds for Malaga and the Costa del Sol, ready to be used in record time. The regional Health ministry unveiled its extra Carranque I hospital facility this week, put together in a matter of days in part thanks to support and donations from private firms.

The new medical centre is located in 1,500 square metres of the sports complex of the same name just across the road from the Hospital Regional in Malaga city. It will be used as needed if cases increase, and has 165 normal beds for now, as well as 10 intensive care spaces. The size can be increased to 400 beds as required.

Opening the site on Tuesday was Juanma Moreno, regional president, along with Malaga's mayor, Francisco de la Torre, and other public officials.

Moreno thanked those who had helped get it ready so quickly, saying it was "palpable proof" of the ability of the Junta to "anticipate and plan", faced with coronavirus.

He added, "Last week we activated Plan 9,000, even though we haven't reached that number of affected and we are going to go one step further with a second contingency plan for 15,000 affected."

A total de 7,750 extra normal beds and 1,030 intensive care beds will made available across Andalucía, he explained.

The head of the regional health service this week cautiously explained that so far the evolution of coronavirus in Andalucía hadn't filled all spare hospital capacity. Jesús Aguirre said on Monday that there was 59 per cent of normal hospital capacity and 33 per cent of intensive care capacity available to take any upsurge in cases.

A total of 131,146 fast coronavirus test kits were sent by central government to Andalucía this week and the region hopes to reach 20,000 tests a day shortly.