Andalucía to pay 300 euros to self-employed with no other crisis benefits

Regional vice-president Juan Marín announced the measure on Wednesday.
Regional vice-president Juan Marín announced the measure on Wednesday. / EFE
  • The move is designed to cover the April social security base payment and should help around 140,000 regional 'autónomos'

The Junta de Andalucía regional government is to approve an emergency measure for registered self-employed (autónomos) during the coronavirus crisis.

The regional authorities will make a one-off payment of 300 euros to those self-employed in Andalucía, including Malaga province and the Costa del Sol, who have not been able to benefit from the emergency measures for autónomos announced by central government in the last few weeks.

The Junta has set aside 40 million euros to pay for the initiative, which is expected to benefit around 140,000 self-employed workers in the Andalucía region.

The payment covers roughly the minimum monthly social security quota for autónomos (newly self-employed on the special reduced rate of 60 euros a month will only get that amount).

Signed statement and proof

Although the measure was only announced on Wednesday (8 April) and full details were yet to be explained, it is expected that presenting a signed declaration and proof of payment of the April social security quota will suffice. Essential workers not affected by the state of alarm cannot apply.

The region of Andalucía has 538,000 self-employed but many of these are expected to benefit from other central government measures instead, where their activities have been the most affected by the economic shutdown.

Among central government measures announced for those worst hit is the possibility to claim an unemployment benefit during the state of alarm if activity has been suspended or income has fallen by 75 per cent because of the crisis.

Autónomos are also able to delay May to July monthly social security quota payments.