Shipment of more than 130,000 coronavirus test kits arrives in Andalucía as daily increase in cases continues to slow

The material was delivered to Seville.
The material was delivered to Seville. / EFE
  • The tests, along with masks and protective gowns, have been delivered by central government and will be distributed among hospitals, health centres and care homes for the elderly

A total of 131,146 fast coronavirus test kits sent by the central government to the Andalusian health authorities arrived in Seville on Monday morning.

The tests will be distributed among the eight provinces of the region and will be used by hospitals, health centres and care homes.

An initial shipment of 2,000 tests arrived in Malaga on Monday morning, with another 3,000 expected to follow shortly. Priority will be given to patients who go to hospital having suffered symptoms for more than five days, health workers who have been in isolation for 14 days after testing positive, to establish whether they can go back to work and eldery people in care homes.

Monday's figures showed that the daily number of new coronavirus cases continues to fall in Malaga province with an increase of 53 from Sunday to Monday, taking the total up to 1,196.

Malaga's detah toll is up to 121, although the daily increase has also been falling.

In Andalucía the official total number of cases is 8,581 with 491 deaths. The daily increase is also slowing.



The accuracy of the tests has been tested and approved by the Carlos III health institute. The consignment will significantly increase the speed of diagnosis in the region allowing the authorities to confirm or rule out Covid-19 cases and prevent infections or avoid unnecessary isolation.

More tests are expected to be delivered over the coming days, and the region hopes to be able to keep up a rate of 20,000 tests a day. These fast tests will be used as a complement to the PCR diagnostic tests that are already in use in the region.

The consignment from central government also includes 325,000 face masks and 7,000 protective gowns to be distributed among hospitals, health centres and care homes, among other centres.