Spell of wet weather boosts Malaga province's reservoirs with enough supply for three months

Rain in Malaga this week.
Rain in Malaga this week. / ÑITO SALAS
  • La Viñuela, on the eastern Costa, has gained the most, bringing relief to the tropical fruit growers

The wet weather over the last fortnight has come as a blessing to the reservoirs across Malaga province and the Costa del Sol.

The heavy rainfall on Tuesday in particular led to a significant increase in reserves. The rainfall left between 50mm and 90mm more water in many places - among them the headwaters of the La Concepción (Istán, near Marbella) and La Viñuela reservoirs, as well as on the Sierra de Mijas which is one of the most important sources for supply to the coast.

In total, the provincial water storage system has gained 12 cubic hectometres, which, together with the runoff that will enter in the next few days, will add sufficient resources to guarantee supply for more than three months.

Currently, with 402 hm3 there is enough water for four years in the whole province, but this water is not distributed according to where there is most need.

For example, La Concepción, which supplies the western Costa del Sol, has almost 52 hm3. However, as a very small reservoir, this is 83 per cent of its capacity. This means that it empties and refills almost every year.

As for La Viñuela, which supplies the main towns of La Axarquía, it is the one that has gained the most, five cubic hectometres, and now contains 59. That is only 36 per cent of its capacity, but it comes as a relief to the subtropical fruit industry, just before the driest part of the year.

Elsewhere, the Guadalhorce reservoirs, which supply the city of Malaga, have made only small gains, about three cubic hectometres overall, but the level is good, between 76 and 78 per cent, so the city's supply is guaranteed.