Malaga, a ghost airport

Malaga, a ghost airport
/ Ñito Salas
  • Very few flights are going in or out of the airport which handled 20 million passengers last year

The access road to the airport is empty, and so are the car parks. Nobody is in the drop-off area or waiting to pick anyone up and hoping their 15 free minutes don't run out. The moving walkways which transport passengers through the building are stationary, because Terminal 3 is not in operation.

Malaga airport, which handled about 20 million passengers last year, suddenly seems huge. On Tuesday, looking at the information panels, you could see why it has become a ghost airport. Only 16 flights due to depart in 12 hours, of which nine were cancelled. Thirteen flights were due to arrive, but eight were suspended.

The airport is resting, waiting for better times.