French gang dismantled following failed drugs theft in Marbella

One of the cars following the collision.
One of the cars following the collision. / CNP
  • Six men were arrested earlier this month after police were alerted to a car crash and shoot-out on the western side of town

A high-end car chase in Marbella earlier this month resulted in the arrest of six members of a gang set up to steal drugs from traffickers. Five of the detainees are French nationals, while the sixth is from Tunisia.

Police answered calls reporting an incident involving firearms at the scene of a collision between two high-end vehicles on the west side of Marbella on 8 March. The vehicles apparently belonged to rival gangs.

Only one damaged car was at the scene when they arrived. Inside, they found balaclavas, wigs and licence plates. The vehicle had been reported stolen. The driver of the car was located nearby and arrested.

A similar call not long after led them to a second location where another accident had taken place and a group of men were arguing violently. A vehicle with frequency inhibitors was found at the scene. A man who tried to escape was arrested.

Investigations pointed to a failed attempt by one criminal gang, based in Puerto Banús, to steal drugs from a French-based trafficking organisation. Following the conflict in Marbella, in which one of their members was arrested, the traffickers escaped with their drugs intact.

The five remaining members of the Marbella-based organisation, one of whom had been injured, were arrested as they tried to leave a Puerto Banís residential area the following day.

According to a National Police spokesperson on Sunday, the investigation showed that this group, now completely dismantled, used "sophisticated means of communication, manipulated vehicles which had previously been stolen, as well as vehicles with French plates".