One of Spain's biggest heroin distributors arrested in Marbella

Packets of the drugs that were seized.
Packets of the drugs that were seized. / CNP
  • National Police seized 27 kilos of the drug as well as 45,000 euros in cash during the operation

National Police in Marbella have arrested a man considered by the authorities to be one of Spain's largest heroin distributors. Three others, who had allegedly travelled to the Costa del Sol to organise a shipment, were also arrested during the operation. Twenty-seven kilos of the drug, ready for sale, were seized.

Drugs squad officers had been on the trail of this individual for some time. A Turkish national, he had established a significant distribution network based in Malaga. From there he distributed heroin to different parts of Spain with Seville, Madrid and Galicia his main markets.

After several days of surveillance, police tracked a van rented in Galicia to Marbella where it was spotted involved in a pick-up. After driving through the town, it stopped at a shopping centre car park where its occupants tried to conceal the contents of the bags just picked up inside the van. It was at this point that the men were arrested and the drugs, ready for market, were seized.

A few days later, police arrested the Turkish national who had supplied the drugs. A search of his home in Marbella uncovered more than 45,000 euros in cash and other items.