Brighter news for two local firms amid ongoing coronavirus uncertainty

Workers at the Fujitsu site in Malaga.
Workers at the Fujitsu site in Malaga. / SUR. ARCHIVO.
  • Staff to continue to work onsite, after conflicting instructions from the government.

Amid the uncertainty over how workers should react to coronavirus, there was good news for two local firms this week after they took exceptional steps in response to the crisis a few days earlier.

Fujitsu Ten in Malaga, part of the Japanese multinational, had said last week that it expected to lay off staff as parts were not arriving from China. This week the firm said it could carry on for the moment.

Meanwhile, communications firm, Ericsson, allowed its Malaga staff back to work after they were told to stay at home last week for fears a colleague had exposed them to the virus.

There was a conflicting message for Spanish firms from the government this week. The Ministry of Work advised them to send staff home if they had a suspected outbreak, only for the Health ministry to retort back that only their ministry could issue guidance on the crisis.