Banús targets rich millennials

Kitty Spencer poses on the Levante quay in Puerto Banús.
Kitty Spencer poses on the Levante quay in Puerto Banús. / JOSELE

    Luxury may be ageless but in Puerto Banús they have come to the conclusion that it is a case of renew yourself or die. The company which holds the concession for the port, which aspires to be recognised as the most luxurious on the Mediterranean, has just launched a promotional campaign to mark its 50th anniversary. Its CEO, Juan Núñez Insausti, says this initiative is a key moment in the port's history.

    The aim is to rejuvenate the market and the campaign is therefore directed at a very specific audience: millennials. Puerto Banús wants to connect with young potential clients, but not all young people: just those who are able to pay for the designer brands in the port's main shopping street and those who will be in that situation in the future.

    With that in mind, they have turned to somebody who meets both requirements, being young and for whom money is not a problem. Núñez Insausti describes her differently. Lady Kitty Spencer, he says, reflects the values of Puerto Banús, sophistication and authenticity.

    Kitty, the 29-year-old niece of Diana, Princess of Wales, is a recognised influencer with half a million followers on Instagram. She made her debut as ambassador of the 50th anniversary campaign earlier this week at a press conference attended by Spanish and international media.

    She showed no sign of the famous British punctuality, but nobody can deny that Kitty Spencer is very glamorous. At the presentation she expertly carried out the task that was assigned to her: smiling. For nearly half an hour she posed very professionally for the photographers, said she was delighted to be able to wear a summer dress in February and explained what her contribution will be to the promotional campaign for Puerto Banús: a video which was shown for the first time at the presentation, her photo which will be posted on social mediaand her attendance at a party in July which promises to be one of the biggest summer events in Marbella.

    With her experience as the face of brands already in Banús, such as Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana, she is convinced that she can help people of her generation and those even younger to connect with Puerto Banús. She said it had captivated her for three reasons: there are trees and plants, you can see Africa and there are shops. What more could anyone ask?