Futuristic high-rise business city proposed for Malaga port area

An artist's impression of the jelly-like towers in central Malaga's Muelle Heredia.
An artist's impression of the jelly-like towers in central Malaga's Muelle Heredia. / SUR
  • A firm of architects was asked by Malaga's mayor for ideas for the under-used Muelle Heredia space but port bosses are cautious

The city of Malaga could be one small step closer towards becoming the great water's-edge business centre that it has long aspired to be.

Architectural studio, Asenjo y Asociados, has drawn up an idea on mayor Francisco de la Torre's instructions for the Muelle de Heredia quay area. It would see 15 eye-catching futuristic towers going up, ranging from six to 30 storeys high.

The design has been made as a natural extension of the revamped Alameda area of the historic city centre and the up-and-coming Soho neighbourhood.

It would be divided into two phases, with the first one being the unused land strip closest to the city. Here a masterplan for the port already envisaged redevelopment but covering a smaller area. A second phase would expand the scheme to the water's edge, where normal port activity is still carried out. Port bosses have already said that it would be "decades" before this second phase could take place.

The design envisages a large two-storey interconnecting covered commercial space across the area for shopping and cultural use and a total of 15 towers interspersed between it. The first phase would see four towers of six floors, for offices, and one of 18 floors as for a hotel.

The plan assumes that the busy dual carriageway along the port's edge would be put in a tunnel.

The mayor said that the plans were, "an interesting idea of how to use this space intelligently." However he said that there needed to be open discussion with both the port authorities and local residents.