Model arrested over falsely accusing footballer Theo Hernández of rape

An image of Kremleva from 2017.
An image of Kremleva from 2017. / SUR
  • Luisa Kremleva claimed the French defender raped her in Marbella in June 2017

The 24-year-old Spanish-Russian model Luisa Kremleva has been arrested on suspicion of fabricating rape allegations against former Real Madrid footballer Theo Hernández.

Kremleva, who starred in several Spanish TV shows, had accused Hernández of sexually assaulting her in the car park of a Marbella nightclub in 2017.

No arrest was made at the time, however, and the judge had shelved the case with the support of the public prosecutor's office two days later. The public prosecutor is now requesting a custodial sentence for Kremleva, who was found and arrested by the National Police on Monday.

The Provincial High Court threw out her accusation a year ago; the judge's edict lists several inconsistencies in her account. For example, CCTV footage after the assault allegedly occured shows Hernández and Kremleva walking back to the club together and talking amicably; her suspicion that she was drugged was also refuted by her testing negative for scopolamine.