Storm brings down trees and damages the Marbella coast

The damage to the beach bar at Marbella Club.
The damage to the beach bar at Marbella Club. / Josele
  • The weather front Elsa caused the most damage to the east of Marbella and the Casablanca beach which lost a six metre strip of sand

Strong winds and abundant rain marked the arrival of the storm front Elsa on the Costa del Sol, Serranía de Ronda and, to a lesser extent, the Axarquía and Malaga city last week.

The worst area affected by the storm, according to 112 emergency services, was Marbella where some beaches lost a large proportion of their sand in the high waves that lashed the coast. The Aemet met office released a warning for westerly and southwesterly winds of between 50 and 74 km/h, causing waves up to four metres high.

The beaches to suffer the most were Rosario -Artola and Casablanca where the waves removed a six-metre-wide strip of sand. A beach bar was also badly damaged when waves broke over its patio; the town hall has asked that the Marbella Club hotel remove the terrace which was practically under water. The Marbella fishing fleet was unable to go out due to the huge waves.

Trees and large branches were brought down by the strong winds across the town including a huge tree in the playground of the Fuente Nueva school in San Pedro de Alcántara which luckily fell across the boundary fence before the students started school.

There were numerous incidents due to the wind and rain in Casares where the Christmas decorations were destroyed.Trees were blown over on the road to La Acedía and there were a few street lamps and branches down as well as the odd rock fall in various streets.

In Estepona the gusts removed part of the roof of the El Nido nursery and caused power outages to the Juan Benítez, La Lobilla, El Cristo and El Padrón Alto areas of the industrial estate. Refuse bins and even traffic lights were damaged but there were no reported cases of personal injury.