A disappointing result for the province as El Gordo steers clear

Celebrations at a sales point in Malaga.
Celebrations at a sales point in Malaga. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • The annual Christmas lottery deposited just 2.42 million euros across Malaga, the lowest figure since 2013

After several years in which fortune heavily favoured Malaga in the annual Christmas lottery, on this occasion Lady Luck was mostly missing as just 2.42 million euros was shared out in the province.

The draw, which took place on Sunday, was sung as usual by children from the San Ildefonso school in Madrid and although eight of the thirteen major prizes left their mark in the area, the total figure was the lowest since 2013 when just 800,000 euros were won.

To make matters worse, nearly 83 million euros worth of tickets were sold in the area, an increase of 4.67 per cent on last year.

The excitement at the chance of winning El Gordo on Sunday was shortlived. The first prize was drawn early, less than 20 minutes after the traditional morning-long draw began at 9am, the winning number being 26590.

The second prize, 10989, brought 1,250,000 euros to Malaga as ten 'décimo' tickets were sold by an office in Puerta Blanca on the west side of the city. Two third prize tickets were sold in Malaga province, one in Ronda and the other in Arroyo de la Miel, while offices in Malaga and Torremolinos sold tickets to some of the fourth prize winners.

There were also celebrations in an office in Torrox, where several customers bought tickets that won one of the fifth prizes in this annual lottery, famous for how widely the prize money is shared among hundreds of winners around the country.

Bigger celebrations took place in Madrid where the office known as Doña Manolita, which sees huge queues in December due to its lucky reputation, sold tickets that won El Gordo, as well as numbers that won the second, third, one fourth and two fifth prizes.