Torremolinos council looking into taking back kennels following Parque Animal scandal

The Parque Animal pound in Torremolinos.
The Parque Animal pound in Torremolinos. / SUR
  • Torremolinos town hall would like to cancel the 50-year concession so it can create a new municipal rescue centre

Torremolinos town hall is looking into the creation of a new municipal animal rescue centre, following the scandal which hit the privately owned but town-hall-subsidised Parque Animal pound.

Its president, Carmen Marín, was sent to prison in 2017 for killing hundreds of cats and dogs, many in an inhumane way, for financial gain, as well as falsifying documents and animal cruelty. Now, the town hall, in collaboration with a number of local animal associations, is looking to draw a line under the whole debacle.

A working group, led by Josefina Serdio (Unidas Podemos) and José Antonio Martín (PSOE), will look into ways to bring the premises, which still belong to Parque Animal, back under council control.

The council leased the premises to Parque Animal in 1998 for fifty years but calls have been increasing, given the controversy, for the contract to be rescinded, as well as that granted to the association for a 'caseta' bar on the town's fairground.

Animal groups are calling for this to happen urgently given the growing crisis in the town regarding street cats. There are calling for a mass sterilisation programme, something for which the town hall is considering adding funds in its budget for next year.